Wings | It's Okay, That's Love

this is a beautiful and very well written drama, if you haven’t seen it yet i strongly recommend watching it as soon as possible.
All actors did an outstanding job and the way each character was portrayed will be remembered for the next few years….. and i’m talking about all the main and side characters.

Now about this amazing couple… when i first read that both Zo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin were cast i was over the moon. i love them and having them in one drama is a dream come true, and their chemistry turned out to be fantastic.

I’ve always been interested in Mental diseases (i mean i’m obsessed, i always like to read about them so of course that made me love this drama even more)

as for the song, with just a few episodes in i felt that a Birdy song would go well with the theme of the show. so i picked Wings not sure if i’ll be able to make it match with the story of our couple,,,, i tried my best i hope you guys enjoy the outcome.


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