MiSciNet has two major emphases: supporting the SME education of underrepresented minority students at the undergraduate level; and encouraging those students to make the transition into graduate education. The network will operate in two modes: an interactive Web-based portal for virtual community building, the dissemination of information about careers and education for minorities in SME, and links to funding and other databases; and on campus and national outreach efforts designed to publicize, support, and sustain the online component.

As with any portal the inclusion of a login platform will be maintained in order for any additional information to be viewed. The login is subsequently required for any type of involvement with the portal, with the inclusion of articles, graphs, detailed guides, education information, database exposure and community platforms. Any decision to enable these outside of the portal will be expressed via this page and only this page.

Articles within the portal are deemed to be appropriate to the efforts of SME education and fruitful in any engagement of a desired community project. Not only will they be discussion based, but they have been made social enabled also. Please remember that the articles are only available for discussion once they have been approved by the assigned moderator. The article in question will require a review over every draft insight.


Administrators responsible for programs serving minority students have rich insights and information resources, and they are eager to share what they know with minority students. And, as any good scientist knows, we all need to be vigilant in looking for new ideas and successful strategies. In this section of MiSciNet we offer resources to help administrators learn from one another, and others to learn from them, as they lead and manage recruitment, mentoring and retention programs for minority students and faculty.


Students need a wealth of information to succeed in their pursuit of any career. In this section of MiSciNet we provide information resources geared to the needs of minority students–giving them (you) the information resources you will need to overcome the challenges you may face in your pursuit of a career in science. MiSciNet does this following the formulae established on Next Wave–by providing a place for you and your peers to tell your stories and by offering practical information from experts in science education, career counseling, and more.


Although MiSciNet is intended to be of broad utility, it publishes news and information geared specifically toward

  • students
  • mentors
  • administrators

Many of our essays are written by people like you; others are written by MiSciNet columnists, and writers. Through the community section, MiSciNet also provides access to links to a database of upcoming meetings, and articles of particular interest that have already been published. Contact through our 0800 numbers can be resourceful for our contributors, in case of any potential problems or moderator issues arise.

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