RYU SU JEONG(류수정) – Tiger Eyes [Music Bank / 2020.05.22]

RYU SU JEONG(류수정) – Tiger Eyes [Music Bank / 2020.05.22]

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28 thoughts on “RYU SU JEONG(류수정) – Tiger Eyes [Music Bank / 2020.05.22]

  1. her armpits be whiter and brighter than my future- anw ryu sujeong slaying the stage again!!!

  2. Wow, Sujeong, you are truly AMAZING! You never disappoint us, you really stand out in everything, we love you beautiful! Fighting

  3. Kinda disappointed with what she's wearing because on her mv her body shape showed the best with this outfit because of the illusion that dark blue gives but in this live perf idunno what happened

  4. 의상이 귀걸이 같이 더 블링블링했음 좋겠다. 화려하고 고급지고 맹수의 왕처럼 옷도 내가 이구역의 여왕이야 여왕이 사랑을 노리는.. 뭐 그런 컨셉.. 노래가 너무 좋음

  5. She looks a bit lost on the stage despite all those dancers… It's really nice, but there is something missing…
    If they would have made a Duo Subunit… That would give this whole thing a boost… That would have been so cool for sure!!!

  6. I need to say I'm kinda confused about Wollims Plans with Lovelyz…
    Like I always keep an eye on their releases and they are never bad quality… the girls all can sing (live) very well, the dance is very in sync and they are all visuals… Like here Ryu Sujeong looks stunning… that hair color on her… everything is perfect!
    But why does Wollim go into this direction now? I feel like they lost plans… The song's atmosphere really fits the current female soloist releases very well (Solar, Chungha… Sunmi…) Do they try to follow that trend?
    Or is this the first step to pull Lovelyz into another direction? I really wonder… I hope the best for Lovelyz for sure!

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