My Town : Home Family Doll House – It's A Big Update New Room and New House

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What’s New in Version 2.0
It’s a big update, Here is what’s new…. Enjoy and make sure to leave us a nice review
1. We have finally connected my town : home to some of our other games. Move your characters between some of our other games!
2. New room. We decided that our girls should have there own room
3. New house front with flowers and plants to decorate your garden.
4. Makeup so every one can look great for the big day, lipstick,eye color and face stickers. Wanna take them off? use the purple paper napkins and off they come.
5. Emotions, because everyone has those, right? To change your character emotions simply do a quick double tap or a long press on it to pop up the emotions menu.

Connected games are games that share characters and items, this means that if you have these games you can actually take and play with character from one game in the other games. For example, Every wanted a cave man to visit the families garden? How about giving your sister a scare with one of the haunted house characters?
Currently These games are connected: My Town : Home, Museum, Haunted house. Of course we shall connect ALL the games but this takes time, We are trying to add 1 new connected game per month. Be patient we are hard at work doing that for you guys 🙂


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