Make games quickly with LÖVE

This workshop will introduce game programming with LÖVE, a Lua framework for 2D games. We’ll make a game from scratch and cover all the steps along the way. LÖVE is easy to learn and great for prototyping and game jams, follow along if you want to get started making games or want to learn a new tool.

Presented by George Prosser


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Special Thanks:
Hackers at Cambridge Team – Feedback and Support
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory – Support
Jared Khan – Video Editing


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15 thoughts on “Make games quickly with LÖVE

  1. Can someone tell where can I find the source code

    My Game is running perfectly except that instead of The player image I am getting a very huge magnified image whcih absolutely covering my game screen and I am not able to find out where exactly is my player

    But the coins with the will rectangle box as player
    Till here I am getting it perfectly

    Pls Send me the Source Code

  2. I've been trying to use Love2D for years and this is always the first tutorial and the rectangle always remains white despite having identical code and setup. It's disappointing because Love2D seems like a great engine.

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