Korea: Admiral Yi – Keep Beating the Drum – Extra History – #1

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Admiral Yi Sun-sin of Korea began his legendary career with a series of disasters. Fate (and corrupt officials) conspired against him to have him repeatedly knocked down from the success he had earned, often because his insistence on strict military codes and refusal to ignore corruption made enemies of his fellow officers. Even when his superior had him tortured and blamed after a loss to the Jurchen raiders from the north, Yi perservered. Stripped of his rank and now reduced to a common enlisted man, Yi nevertheless served Korea with distinction. Meanwhile his childhood friend, Ryu Seong-ryong, had risen to become the prime minister of Korea. Ryu recognized the threat of war from Japan looming on the horizon, so when Yi asked to retire in 1588, Ryu convinced him to stay.

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Extra History – Warring States Japan: Sengoku Jidai
The Battle of Okehazama:

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43 thoughts on “Korea: Admiral Yi – Keep Beating the Drum – Extra History – #1

  1. 6:26 During this time, he knew that he was out-numbered again. So he set the barricade around the fortress and made floating objects (bak) with carved-out pumpkin like a pinata. Bak was flown with kites. When the enemy forces came near the fortress and as they jumped over and around the barricade, General Yi and his archers shot those floating objects with arrows (bak). Inside of this bak, there were arrow tips and sharp metal objects. There were over a dozen of these baks. When the enemy force was directly below, Korean archers shot these bak with the arrow and they burst like pinatas that are filled with arrow tips and shrapnel raining down with velocity. This was done to cripple and slow down the enemy force, including the horses they were riding. He was always against the odds and had to overcome these challenges with various tactics and battle plans to win the battles. There are so many stories about him. "If you fight to live, you will die, If you fight to die, you may live". – General Yi Sun Shin

  2. Admiral Yi's Sword:
    On the blade are engraved the Chinese characters, 三尺誓天 山河動色 (sanchishitian sanhedongse) and 一揮消蕩 血染山河 (yihuixiaodang xieransanhe). This means "The mountains and the waters tremble as I swear to the heavens with a three-chi (90 cm) sword, and with one swing of the sword, blood dyes the rivers and mountains."



  3. Yi Story = same thing every korean told me they told like koreans, competitive back stabb jealous etc

  4. 무능한 군주와 불쌍한 백성들을 위해 친히 하늘에서 신의 사자를 보내셨으니 그는 바로 이순"신"

  5. Admiral Yi’s victory came from thinking and never thinking that impossible exists. That’s what makes him a leader, a great one too.

  6. 하…. 헬조선의 역사를 외국인들이 알아 가고있어 ㅋㅋㅋ 어떻하냐? 선조 시발럼

  7. For every success and bravery of a Hero there's always that one ungrateful traitorous corrupt bastards behind to back stab him.
    Philippine Heroes had also the same fate.

  8. 1:30 “Had dreamed of being a soldier since he was a little boy…” with a moustache, a little boy with a moustache.

  9. seriously. they failed the dude because he fell from the horse, WHEN HE F****NG BOUND HIS LEG AND FINISHED THE COURSE??

  10. 한국에서 거룩한 영웅 이라는 뜻의 '성웅' 이라고 불리는 사람은 이순신 한 분 뿐일수밖에 없는게, 단순히 왜구를 많이 죽이고 많은 전투에서 승리했기 때문이 아니라, 인간으로 보여줄 수 있는 도덕성과 군인으로 보여줄 수 있는 의무의 끝을 보여주었기 때문이 아닐까 생각합니다….

  11. That's something that makes me… filled with such strength. Time and time again, he placed his life.. HIS LIFE. With every battle… he fought, not a single moment of regret as all he wanted to do was serve his Country & his People! Time and time again, he was knocked away by his own people!! Who have no clue.. that this Man, will be one of the main pillars to keep their Civilization in tact. Truly.. just goes to show you, how great he was… Does he have a memorial somewhere?

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