Johnny depp amber heard newest voice recording and ambers deposition 17 . 3 . 2020

Amber heard is in her deposition regarding domestic violence and a voice recording of her and johnny gets played


32 thoughts on “Johnny depp amber heard newest voice recording and ambers deposition 17 . 3 . 2020

  1. this lying cunt stuffing her face with cookies so she can buy time to make up bullshit, gtfo with your terrible acting !! Your'e ruined bitch lmaoooo career over

  2. In the first seconds, you can see why Johnny and Elon like her. After the honeymoon phase, I realize what went wrong. Amber is crazy as hell, but she is beautiful. Still cookoo though.

  3. 9:06 "Oh oh she's gonna ask about that. Let me just really quickly put this cookie in my mouth, to buy me some time to think of a lie."

  4. such a lier. weee weee weeeee!!! I would have done anything. baaaa he was going to kill my baby sisters 😱🤪😩🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. I hope her movie career is f'd Johnny wouldnt hurt anyone its amber shes vile. Johnny says in recording he wasnt stood crouches or knealt. No one asks why would he not be stood if trying to get in a room forcely or at all. She degrades johnnnys views. Who is she to say how it felt to him when hit by her.

  6. I hope Johnny would be able to get through this and some how be alright. He’s been my favorite actor for years. The lies this female spills from her mouth are repulsive, and disgusting. I hope she gets what she deserves.

  7. Even a baby can understand that she is lying. She doesn’t even know what the fuck she’s saying so come on!!! We need justice for Johnny Depp.

  8. Shes even acting now, using the snacks as a pron to make her look unbothered by it all. Shes trivialising it by being so disrespectful.

  9. Im really surprise that some people still supports and believe that she is the victim. I mean does she look like one in this video.

  10. Where is her f**** manners eating at a time like that. What was Johnny thinking he must have been drunk when he ended up with her

  11. Stuffing her fucking face as if she is at the cinema. What a deceptive and calculating individual. No woman, regardless of how strong they are, would be stuffing their face with food in such a formal environment. I have been raped and domestically and emotionally abused numerous time by different boyfriend's, and without a doubt my skin got thicker overtime and I eventually gained the ability to stand up for myself with ease. But this kind of behaviour is abnormal and rings alarm bells.

  12. She asks if this is from the same day! The entire recording was JUST about her kicking a door into Johnny's head and punching him in the jaw. She's abused him so badly and for so long she doesn't even remember whether it's the same DAY or not!? Also if you were the victim of abuse how TF would you not know!? Shes sitting there rolling her eyes, smiling and laughing whenever she hears Johnny say he was hurt by her. And if she was really a traumatized abuse victim how tf would she have the stomach to eat!? During the entire deposition

  13. Whenever recordings are playing she is eating , looking distracted. If the abuse was real it would be disturbing for victim recalling the moments. And when jugde (female) or I dunno who was mumbling … amber looked at oddly. You know what whole video is disturbing knowing she is abuser liar.

  14. Fuckin cunt, Johnny Depp is a poor tormented introvert, and a gentleman in life, this piece of feces bitch is a career killer just because she is a woman, people believed her it's disgusting hope she has he career ruined after this

  15. Who the hell would have stomach for eating cookies or whatever it is she's eating, when you're supposed to be there to fight for justice & having been abused? Seriously, who would do that if they were real victims? Nobody.

  16. What a weirdo!!!! girl u sitting there eating like how dare they ask me any questions. she hit him a whole bunch of times she wasn’t battered I believe she and him had a voilitile relationship and imo these depos are pathetic she and her attorney says when how and no at every turn. I understand she has rights but damn

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