How Bruno Fernandes Has Improved Manchester United | Tactics Explained

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42 thoughts on “How Bruno Fernandes Has Improved Manchester United | Tactics Explained

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  2. who the hell "disliked" this video? this is one of the best analysis of bruno's impact on Man U i've ever seen. haters!

  3. De gea awb maguire bailly shaw matic fenendes pogba martial sanchez belloti Henderson dalot lindelof smalling Williams mctominany fred lingard rashford Greenwood james pierea

  4. I dream of the day when man marking everyone at united is impossible because there is too much talent… mark rashford? No, I have to mark fernandes, but then Pogba is without a marker, and we need someone for sancho, and paniiic.. goal

  5. Really and truly, an attacking midfielder with Brunos talent at 25, you should be paying about 80-90 million in this market surley? I feel we done the best big of business with done since van Persie No?

  6. Hes massively improved us because he doesnt need a whole year to register an assist or goal. 20 years from now, people will find it difficult to believe that Jesse Lingard has had 200 apps for Man United.

  7. It's crazy how quickly he's become the captain of the team in every way apart from having the actual armband

  8. Sell Pogba and get another quality Portuguese player in the midfield 💯🔥 like Ruben Nieves 🔥💯🔥

  9. Okay, I know Andreas leaves much to wish for and is often a bit frustrating to watch. But surely he must have supplied more assists than 3? I can pull 3 just from the top of my head

  10. Ask statman Dave would it be fair to declare the season null and void give Liverpool a certificate not a trophy and start over

  11. Hi Dave, I already asked this but could you make a video about how we should line up with Pogba and Rashford back in the team ?

  12. Any player that's able to do what he did for Sporting would have a place in any team in the world. Bruno is a pleasure to watch, one of the smartest and most hardworking players I've ever seen play with my club's shirt. Gutted he left my club during such hard times but at least Man. United earned a new supporter.

  13. This begs the question, one wonder how many players
    with the passion, talent and leadership quality as Bruno are out
    there to be picked up by our scouts? Man United is the Premier League.

  14. #AskDave What do you think is the best formation going forward for man utd and who should be in midfield ?

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