Falling in LÖVE with Lua

While modern AAA game engines like Unity and Unreal can make 3D cutting-edge game development exceptionally easier, they may not always be the best tool for modern 2D game development or the greatest entry point for a newcomer to the field. Enter LÖVE 2D: a simple and clean 2D game development framework utilizing Lua as its scripting language. In this seminar, we’ll be implementing the classic Super Mario Bros. and showcasing the flexibility of what it means to develop in a small, dynamic language. By learning Lua, we’ll not only have a useful tool in the context of 2D game development and LÖVE 2D but also the knowledge that Lua is omnipresent in the gaming industry, a skill we may hope to leverage on most any future indie or AAA project. Let’s fall in LÖVE!

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31 thoughts on “Falling in LÖVE with Lua

  1. I was introduced to Lua back in Rio during my graduation at PUC, by its own creator! Roberto Ierusalimschy.
    Fantastic language and fantastic teacher

  2. Created one game which is the pong,since that day i never stopped playing because i learned how to code and make this game.im using windows so its a real pain in the ass to configure it and each time you have to go on folder that your main.lua program is and the press shift right click the command promp and press love .
    In mac you only have to press start i think

  3. this is unacceptable, you are offering advice and a tutorial pretty much here. How are people supposed to make their own decisions on teh content if you don't allow users to comment and share thoughts on it? I get that you could be getting trolled unfairly, but if all videos do this then people will be continuously learning information they think is credible and it turns out being wrong. We can't have that happen! We must have a dialogue open at all times! If your video is purely entertainment, then sure kill the comments and the ratings…people can decide if they like it by watching it. Educational videos must be treated differently though.

  4. Thank you CS50 and Colton for this amazing course 😁. It's really helpful for beginners like me to get started. I have been trying to get into gamedev for months but stumble, trip and fall because I tried to jump to higher rungs instead of climbing from the bottom. Love2D is awesome way to get started and I've felt it. Completed pong and can't wait to make other games in the course.

  5. Great talk, thanks for sharing!
    Is there a link for the code used on the presentation? Thanks again for this.

  6. Love the presentation, and I know the video is very long, but you should've taken your time as you talk very fast

  7. anybody have this running the github lovedemo ? :


    push.lua:101: attempt to call field 'getPixelScale' (a nil value)


    push.lua:101: in function 'initValues'
    push.lua:48: in function 'setupScreen'
    main.lua:26: in function 'load'
    [C]: in function 'xpcall'
    [C]: in function 'xpcall'

  8. Great stuff. Just wondering why you used string keys in the sounds table instead of just doing:
    sounds = {
    jump = love.audio.newSource(a, b),
    hit = love.audio.newSource(a, b),
    coin = love.audio.newSource(a, b)

    This way seems better since some editors would even auto suggest the sounds whenever we accessed self.sounds. Is there more to it that I'm not seeing?

  9. great video for a great project. The guys who maintain LOVE need some LOVE because they rock. Games in 2018 suck major ass unfortunately. So, i challenge people to make games we would rather player using awesome tools like LOVE. Game Dev faces on, go go go.

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