Everything New On The 2020 iPad Pro!

The new 2020 iPad Pro is real! We take a look at all the changes in Apple’s newest pro tablet. The 4th-gen iPad Pro adds several new features and capabilities …

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26 thoughts on “Everything New On The 2020 iPad Pro!

  1. Deals on 2020 iPad Pro pre-orders ➡️ https://appleinsider.com/articles/20/03/18/apples-2020-macbook-air-and-new-ipad-pro-are-up-to-105-off-instantly

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  2. Ok. So I was offered an Ipad Pro 10.5 256gb from 2017 or an Ipad 7th generation 32 gb.
    Which one should I choose?
    Pd1: I am medical student
    Pd2: I am using my little brother's YT account.


  3. I'd like to see Apple decide where it's going and stay there. I got a Pro 3rd gen with Pencil 2, but the pencil doesn't work with my iPad 3 at work, or even the very latest generation iPad that came out after the iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro has a nifty new pad stand, but it won't work with my 3rd gen Pro. The new Pro has commercials that it's basically the fastest laptop you can get, but without a USB interface or the latest desktop OS, I can't play my favorite Rocksmith game, add photos from my Nikon DSLR camera, or use my preferred Photoshop program. They created the tablet market, and they need to focus on how to push it as a tablet while concentrating on compatibility for the new accessories they keep putting out there

  4. No buddy wants to buy this shit …
    Apple should make some toilet paper like ishit or like ipopo and sell it for 500$ for a six pack

  5. And then a iPhone 6s comes with 5 gb and then when you upgrade it to the highest it’s 32gb NOT EVEN 64 I’m suffering a iPhone X-11pro are expensive😭

  6. Guess what
    Covid19 is going crazy to take all your loved ones
    Smarthones and gadgets social média are the bigest SCAM of
    The history Ditch this garbage dirty crooks

  7. I just downloaded the iPadOS 13.4 beta onto my device, and I did not think that having mouse support would be so useful. I really am enjoying the new way to use my iPad, but I would like to have seen the ability to invoke shortcuts and gestures with my mouse so that I would not have to rely on clicking the onscreen buttons to complete my movements.

  8. I have exactly the same scar on my left eyebrow as this guy. Everytime I see this guy I cant help but wonder how he got his. Mine was so painful, I remmeber feeling the bone sticking out of my face. I'm so used to seeing mine I don't even notice it anymore.

  9. The existence of the A12Z, which largely seems the same as the A12X plus one GPU core and thermal optimization, solidifies for me that Kuo is still saying this will be updated twice this year, this update, and then mini LED and A14X at the end of the year.

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