Coronavirus: Vegas casino guest from N.Y. tests positive

CNBC’s Rahel Solomon joins ‘Closing Bell’ to report on an updated coronavirus case in Las Vegas. For more coronavirus live updates: …


21 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Vegas casino guest from N.Y. tests positive

  1. When you live in Sin and live a Sinful life, you already are Gambling with your Eternal Soul, but the odds increase even more against you when you Gamble with this Coronavirus and your Health. If you do not have the Blood of Jesus to cover your Sin Debt and Health, your pretty much Screwed. Jesus Loves You. And with his striped we were healed. Holy Bible,KJV.

  2. I know where large numbers of people mingle to smoke, drink liquor, and play games.
    In my state that has closed every library, public-use heated swimming pool, and all
    restaurants except for order delivery services. My nearest casino has had health issues,
    mainly heart attacks, after selfish greed overcame common sense. Operators never hid
    dead body removals. So, a Coronavirus is expected to get the same rolled departure.
    It could be your hand next up on that wonderfully musical still-warm slot machine handle.

  3. These people who break quarantine needs to have their pictures posted so the nation can know and stay away.

  4. I'm buying all the boomer stock and booking cheap trips to South America while you guys buy all the toilet paper for your booty! 😉

  5. Watch peoples hands in a casino. THEY ARE CONSTANTLY USING THEIR HANDS! All the buttons on slots machines the chips, the cards, the money…… is nonstop! And many people don't wash their hands in bathrooms. The large amount of smokers there also cause people to blow air out of their mouths. Thereafter, make innocent bystanders cough when they inhale second hand smoke. They are cancelling events where people dont even use their hands on community objects. Why are any casinos still open?

  6. Companies need rethink the idea to Monopolize the entire production in China…

  7. Oh brother! Your reporting someone having the coronavirus in Vegas when Vegas has bigger issues. The liberal media really does show they are talentless. If you had to report on a real story you couldn’t.

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  9. Has CNBC ever had a black women before i cant remember. They sure dont hire ugly ones they even forced the old lady out.

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